Management Technical Capability

  • The company has its core capabilities in asphalt work, road marking and roads
  • Complementary equipment to do the work is available, recently acquired an emergency asphalt plant for back-up, especially for use at airports and rural areas
  • Other areas of competence include concrete works, building, general maintenance and airside escorting
  • Tasks which require external expertise are outsourced to specialists whilst under AMC management
  • The entity has a pool of talent that can be deployed in the operation, comprising: Civil Engineers, Human Resources personnel, Finance and Administration Individuals who posses operational and project management skills have been identified for deployment to projects when required

Our Team

Herman Munasi

Managing Director

MIcheal Brand

Safety Manager

Renani Munasi

Site Manager

Kathy Ducci




About usAirfield Maintenace Contractors

We have been providing civil and construction services since 1998. Our head office is in Gauteng but we also have 2 other offices in Limpopo. We empower the communities by always making sure we employ local people in terms of labour force.

We operate in public and private sector as well as private residential areas

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      Kempton park, RSA 1501

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