Collaboration with Other Strategic Individuals/Companies

  • Munasi Civils has recently acquired the services of Mzamani Mdaka Mzamani roped in to bring new business perspectives and technical support He brings along mining experience and general management

  • This presents an opportunity to access new networks and increases potential for new business development Working on plans to establish a database of future projects on each Province

  • To prioritise potential projects and determine mechanisms to be used to pursue high priority projects

Government’s Infrastructure

  • The long-term objective is to develop capabilities to participate in larger projects, thus creating a sizable order book over a 5-year period Our main objective is to pursue new business opportunities using the proven track record of successfully executing projects

  • Require to develop a strategy to strengthen presence at ORTIA with the current and future airport expansions Open to collaboration with other BEE groups and strategic JV partners to reach the critical mass and obtain transformation goals

Critical Success Factors and Achievements


  • The company’s past activities comprise the work in partnership with WBHO on the N1 and at ORTIA, as well as the maintenance work at ORTIA, Working at Metsimaholo Municipality, the Polokwane International Airport and Pilanesburg International Airport These activities are crucial for sustainability, whilst the company now aims to obtain additional work in other areas

  • The involvement with WBHO on the N1, was the first step in the company’s strategy to enter into partnerships and this has set a scene for exploring future collaborations We are encouraged by the support received from WBHO, as this association provided ample opportunity for learning Consistently, over the years, Munasi Civils has operated as a going concern with no interruptions to its operations.

  • Munasi Civils believes that its achievements have set an example and can be used as one of the case studies on initiatives to develop small business enterprises

AMC’ Growth Strategy


  • Develop and outline medium-long term strategic objectives with targets, milestones and deliverables Strengthen skills base and develop core competencies and areas of key focus, thus roads, asphalt and road marking.

  • Aiming to have operational and management involvement in JV projects Seek new business opportunities in other Provinces within SA Collaborate with other junior companies and broad-base groups to achieve critical mass

  • Develop AMC into a mid-tier company with a sizeable order book Assist the country to further its initiative of contributing towards industry transformation


About usAirfield Maintenace Contractors

We have been providing civil and construction services since 1998. Our head office is in Gauteng but we also have 2 other offices in Limpopo. We empower the communities by always making sure we employ local people in terms of labour force.

We operate in public and private sector as well as private residential areas

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